SP First  Resources     (2009)

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These resources for Signal Processing First are being made available under the Creative Commons License terms called the Attribution, Share Alike, Non-Commercial License 1.0. The full text of this license can be found here.

The attribution should be "© 2003, James H. McClellan Ronald W. Schafer, and Mark A. Yoder."

Lecture slides in Adobe's PDF format (4 per page) which is the typical way that we distribute lectures slides at Georgia Tech.

Errata for the textbook Signal Processing First.

MATLAB file updates for the Signal Processing Toolbox that accompanies the textbook Signal Processing First.
Also, some links to MATLAB tutorials.

MATLAB Tutorial Movies are short Real-Media movies covering various MATLAB skills. These were created in 1999 with MATLAB version 5. Duration is about 1 minute for most of them.

Additional Resources for Instructors who adopt the text are available (upon request).
These resources include Powerpoint lecture slides, textbook figures, and solutions to the problems in the book.

Note: the CDROM that accompanies the text contains hundreds of additional problems, most of which are given with solutions.