DSP-First (and SP-First) MATLAB Files
Updated for MATLAB Ver 9.3, R2017b

Latest release (15-Feb-2018): spfirst_v172.zip
Should work on all versions of MATLAB back to 7.2 (2006):

Installation Procedure to add these files to MATLAB and update MATLAB's path:
  1. Download the ZIP file that contains everything. It is called spfirst_vNNN.zip.
  2. Unzip spfirst_vNNN.zip somewhere. A good choice would be the directory: ...\MATLAB\toolbox\spfirst\. The unzip will create a bunch of subdirectories.
    NOTE: use forward slash for directories on Mac or Linux.
  3. Then add this one directory ...\MATLAB\toolbox\spfirst\ to the MATLAB path. This can be done in MATLAB from the Home Tab ➤ Environment ➤ Set Path.
    NOTE: For versions previous to R2012a, select from menu File ➤ Set Path.
  4. Next, type the command spfirst at the MATLAB comand prompt. It will add the other appropriate subdirectories to the path.
  5. Finally, under Home Tab ➤ Environment ➤ Set Path, do a save of the new path.
Once the MATLABPATH is correct, you should be able to type zdrill or sindrill at the MATLAB command prompt and have a GUI start up.
Also, commands like zprint will now work.

UN-install: Delete all the files and directories in ...\MATLAB\toolbox\spfirst\, and also manually remove the directories from MATLAB's path via Home Tab ➤ Environment ➤ Set Path.

The M-files should be platform-independent, i.e., insensitive to end-of-line terminators for Unix/Mac versus Windows.

Links to some MATLAB Tutorials

Supporting Material & Links Description
Getting Started with MATLAB 2.6 Megabyte PDF file of the Reference Manual from Mathworks
Little Bits of MATLAB Using MATLAB for Signal Processing (McClellan, 1997)
Want more? Google "Matlab tutorial"
* The core functionality of MATLAB has changed very little since version 3 in the early 1990's.