DSP-First (and SP-First) MATLAB Toolbox
Updated for MATLAB Ver 9.10, R2021a

Latest releasespfirst_v174.zip   (Feb, 2022)
Available for all versions of MATLAB back to 7.2 (2006):
Add these files to MATLAB and update MATLAB's path:

  1. Download the ZIP file that contains everything. It is called spfirst_vNNN.zip.
  2. Unzip spfirst_vNNN.zip somewhere. A good choice would be the directory: ...\MATLAB\toolbox\spfirst\.
    The unzip will create a bunch of subdirectories.
    NOTE: use forward slash for directories on Mac or Linux.
  3. Then add this one directory ...\MATLAB\toolbox\spfirst\ to the MATLAB path.
    This can be done in MATLAB from the Home Tab ➤ Environment ➤ Set Path.
    NOTE: For versions previous to R2012a, select from menu File ➤ Set Path.
  4. Next, type the command spfirst at the MATLAB comand prompt.
    It will add the other appropriate subdirectories to the path.
  5. Finally, under Home Tab ➤ Environment ➤ Set Path, do a save of the new path.
Once the MATLABPATH is correct, you should be able to type zdrill or sindrill at the MATLAB command prompt and have a GUI start up.
Also, commands like zprint will now work.

Delete all the files and directories in ...\MATLAB\toolbox\spfirst\
and also manually remove the directories from MATLAB's path via Home Tab ➤ Environment ➤ Set Path.

The M-files should be platform-independent, i.e., insensitive to end-of-line terminators for Unix/Mac versus Windows.

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