7. Discrete-Time Fourier Transform Labs - MATLAB 2

This lab introduces a practical application where sinusoidal signals are used to transmit information: a touch-tone dialer. Bandpass FIR filters can be used to extract the information encoded in the waveforms. The goal of this lab is to design and implement bandpass FIR filters in M ATLAB , and to do the decoding automatically. In the experiments of this lab, you will use firfilt(), or conv(), to implement filters and freqz() to obtain the filter’s frequency response. 1 As a result, you should learn how to characterize a filter by knowing how it reacts to different frequency components in the input. [Files]
The goal of this lab is to learn some methods for designing practical FIR filters in Matlab. These filters will have a finite number of coefficients, and a frequency response that approximates an ideal frequency response shape.