Demos - LabVIEW

Shows how the real part of the rotating phasors traces out a sinusoid versus time.
Tests the users' ability to determine basic parameters of a sinusoid.
Tests users ability to calculate the result of simple operations on complex numbers. The program emphasizes the vectorial view of a complex number. The following six operations are supported:
  • Add
  • Subtract
  • Multiply
  • Divide
  • Inverse
  • Conjugate

Shows the effect of multiplying two sinusoids that are close in frequency.
This demo gives the mathematical derivation of how instrument sounds can be synthesized using the principles of frequency modulation. The example sounds include a bell and a clarinet.
Shows how any periodic signal can be approximated as a sum of sinusoids. It allows you to choose from several input signals and creates an approximati on to the signal you choose. You can select how mnay cosine terms to use in the approximation.

The Continuous-Discrete Sampling Demo is a program that shows the continuous and discrete spectra (and signals) during sampling.

This program helps visualize the process of discrete-time convolution.

The Dirichlet function Demo lets you look at how changing L changes the Dirichlet function.
Illustrates the sinusoid-in gives sinusoid-out concept.